Cloud Data Processing and Backup Solutions

As per IDC there is 40% data growth year on year. The mobile computing devices like tables, smart phone, laptops and continuous data feeds like log files, consumer data, social networking communication, IoT devices are continuous source of data generation. Previously keep data was important for auditing purposes and some short duration business processing using emergency restore. However, with large scale, less costly storage and with current capability of big data analytics even this large scale data is useful to keep and process to take business advantage.

To develop such a solution you need to architect storage system which can take disk based backup of your data in a local high capacity SAN storage and then based on the accessibility of data it is copied to a less costly long term cloud backup environment. To further improve cost-performance ratio it is possible to select local SAN storage using tearing technology where the hottest data is kept on high speed most expensive tier of SSD storage, relatively less hot ( less frequently used) data is move to standard HDD drives while third tier is cloud storage where least used data is pushed.

At Save Computer Technology we can provide storage architecture and implementation services to take care of your data locally as well as using cloud storage from top most technologies offered by Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS S3 and Glacier services.

Call us for free initial assessment of your data storage and backup environment and get advise on possible solution to your critical data backup!

Our Services include:

❖ Storage Solution Assessment
❖ Data Classification
❖ SAN Storage Selection
❖ Local Storage Setup
❖ Cloud Storage Setup
❖ Testing and handover

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