Computer & Laptop Service Center in Abu Dhabi

With the recent wide spread use of ipad and other tables, there was impression that use of laptop would be reduced drastically. However, it is observed that laptop and PC have kept their place in computing for more serious business and study work. At save computer technology, laptop and PC repair can be provided for most of the brands regardless of the time and place they are bought, provided required spare parts are available.

Chip level laptop and PC repair can be provided on need basis which can help resolve complex issues cost effectively. The issues mostly involved to fix laptop and PC are cracked monitor or screen, motherboard repair, power supply and battery charging problem, faulty hard disk, fixing of WiFi connectivity issue etc. On software side we can provide needed laptop and PC fix for OS and virus issues etc.

With more and more use of tables like Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy tab etc. consumers are finding hard time to fix these devices with ease. Quick repair becomes important and essential due to specific set of apps and other personal information stored by the consumer on their devices over long time. The importance of quick fix become even more important when these devices are used as BYOD devices to take part in business critical work load. At save computer technology we provide solution of the following common problems.

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